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Sequenced storyboard Undone  
Storyboards for Amazon Undone Series| Client:Submarine
Illustrations for animation De Lijst van Mengelberg documentary
Illustrations for Animation | Client: Jaap van Eyck
Storyboards Dropje
Storyboards for Dropje children series | Client: Submarine
Sequenced storyboard for Luna
Storyboards for children series Luna | Client: Submarine
Sequenced storyboard for WSD
Storyboards for WSD | Client: Uncanny
Sequenced storyboard for 'Scherven'
Storyboards for animation film 'Scherven', a graphic novel adaptation | Client: Submarine
Concept art 'Cher Ami' 2016
Concept art for 'Cher Ami' a concert of the band Yuko with 3 animation shorts about animals in WW1| Client: De Commerce. Check more info here: Cher Ami
'Last Hijack' (2014) storyboards
Part of the storyboard of an alternative end scene in 'Last Hijack'. | Client: Submarine

You can check the trailer at the movie site:

Illustrations for 'Hell Ships' (2012)
Illustrations for 'Hell Ships' (2012) | Client: Kees Maaswinkel | Lucas Productions

These are a selection of several layered illustrations that were used for a documentary about POW in the pacific during WWII.